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So she's pretty much my favourite britette out there and she's been through a lot and we all know the stories but what about them in Diana's perspective? We all get a chance to tell our own stories so I'm happy to introduce to every Diana!

*Diana walks on with that signature wide smile on her face* *In a one shouldered short and tight dress that's silk and navy blue with big white pearls around her neck and matching navy blue heels with a silk bow* *She giggles and waves at the crowd sitting down on the sofa beside me*

Di: Oh my gosh *blows a kiss to the audience and smiles back at me* haha, hiya
Me: hello to you to, big audience today for you
Di: *nods* though I'm kind of upset you didn't introduce me as Mrs.Carter because seriously I come to these things just to hear that these days *giggles* just lifts my spirits a bit
Me:  I apologise Mrs Carter, welcome to the show! So I suppose since you're so eager we can talk about Andy
Di: Really? You're gonna set me off?
Me: Yes, I'm happy to set you off
Di: well oh gosh, where do I start? Well first of all he's a pain in the arse *Crowd laughs* you think I'm kidding! Seriously, like the amount of times he walks by me in the house and decides that for him seeing my arse is just oh so tempting that he can't stop himself smacking it, I will get bruises one day from him doing that, I think that counts as abuse to be honest haha..
Me: But you love him right?
Di: Well yeah, I mean It took at least a year just to get over my insecurities with being faithful and marry him, if I didn't love him it would've all been a waste… he's my hero.. *blushes and crowd "aww"'s*
Me:  Where do these insecurities come from?
Di: … I … gosh… *bites lip* I don't know, I suppose I could say Dirks suicide but that couldn't be it because I cheated on him for Andy in the first place but I didn't start the cheating back before I even did anything with Andy I think I can remember him going for this beautiful blonde, like she was stunning *frowning slightly* and he couldn't have found anyone better at the time and it killed me and I got kind of insecure about myself being not good enough and I wanted revenge for him doing that to me and I guess I didn't know how to jump off the band wagon once id started
Me: … did Dirk ever say you weren't good enough?
Di: … *nods* … y-yeah  umm, he never really showed me that he loved me, sure he'd kiss me and id get the occasional hug but he never actually SAID those three words meaningfully and like we would sing a song together and id compliment his performance and he'd just agree he wouldn't really return the favour.. *shakes head*
Me: but did you show him how much you loved him?
Di: Every day. Every day. *nods and tears well up in her eyes* … i only saw the good in him for god knows how long and everyone seemed to see him for what he was except me, like I had Andy telling me Dirk thought I was his trophy girl and Bee hated him for it but I just kind of went down the route of thinking it was my fault the time I was with him…
Me: Do you think the same now?
Di: … *bites lip* I…I still don't know *wipes away a tear from the corner of her eye* I mean I know that he was a bad guy now but I mean I hurt him in the end too and I blame myself for how everything ended because it was my fault, there's a lot of people out there that I've hurt and it's my fault and I know that I'm a happy person these days but there is never a moment in my life when I'm not thinking of those people.
Me: *frowns and takes a tissue handing it to her* … Who have you hurt Diana?
Di: *takes the tissue and holds it in her hand tightly* Seems like everyone I am or was close to…
Me: Anyone you regret hurting the most?
Di: … I think there's a lot of people but Prosper and Andy. I mean Prosper is the nicest guy you could meet and he would've given me the world if he could've  but I took that for granted TWICE and I broke his heart by sleeping with other people and I'm forever gonna be saying sorry for doing that to him, I'm grateful he's forgave me for it and now he's actually one of my bestest friends but if I could turn back time I would've stopped us dating the second time around because he didn't and never will deserve something like that.
Me: *nods* mmm, and what about Andy?
Di: Well with me and Andy we were both kinda trying to best each other with lovers…
Me: What do you mean?
Di: Like I don't know, I mean I think we were both out to hurt each other for some reason
Me: How did he hurt you?
Di: …  I think he hurt me the most by coming to me last *nods* and dating Jess that was… *frowns and shakes head* devastating for me
Me: I understand that Jess is your best friend now, why was it so devastating?
Di: Because I could see him happily married to her and they had Brooke together and I kind of lost hope… he was just… really happy… *nods* I didn't think I could make him THAT happy
Me: Do you think you can now?
Di: … I guess so, I do now anyway *nods* I think I was born to make him happy like I do now because… I don't know, he's not just my husband he's my best friend you know? As cliché as it sounds he completes me… well that and he puts up with me *laughs slightly and the crowd laugh with her*
Me: I can see that, so since we've mentioned her let's talk about Jess!
Di: oh that girl! She's the most badass most amazing most sexy thing I have laid my eyes upon ha-ha
Me: Didn't you start off hating her?
Di: God yes… Although everyone I hate either seems to stay that way or like Andy I fall head over heels for them!
Me: She recently released a song for you called Judas correct?
Di: *nods* It's in my top 25 most played on my iPod, its currently number 1 ha-ha
Me: So in the song you're the demon she clings to
Di: Yeah I am, it's metaphorical and it goes both ways, like I could sing the same about her and stuff
Me: So what's Jessana?
Di: Aha! Well you see, it's a lesbian couple kind of thing *one guy in the crowd wolf whistles and she giggles* that was ands reaction
Me: He knows?
Di: Umm yeah, haha but really a few kisses with jess, who wouldn't?
Me: Obviously that guy wouldnt, now im sorry but I have to ask you about this person, her name starts with A
Di: Andrea! My little princess, my love for blondes tripled when I met her
Me: So how did you meet that little girl?
Di: well shes andy and the guys little sister and they don't have a mum and obviously that's hard on the guys but me and my sisters take pretty good care of them but andreas only really got Vicki to teach her things and vickis a madly brilliant feminist and andy sort of introduced her to me in hope that id be her mummy, so it developed from there
Me:*smiles* That's nice, you seem to take in a lot of children as your own
Di: I do don't i… im awful for it, I even steal children *laughs*
Me: You mean brooke?
Di: *nods* yeah like Brooke, though Jess has stolen Marykate from me so were evens!
Me: Ok so we've got a break coming up, so we will leave this brit for a while but when we come back we will be talking about her relationship with her ACTUAL children
so yeah... ._.
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Saph- oh. I see I'm not important enough to be mentioned. I see how it is. >.>
Me- -.- shutup Saph
thechipmunkzone Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
GhostAce:.....very nice...
Di- Stop haunting me.
thechipmunkzone Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Ace-and yet your one of the ppl that drove me to madness..ironic..isn't it?
Di- whats ironic?
thechipmunkzone Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Ace-oh you don't know? why don't you tell your fans about how you set me up..I could've lost Jamie because of what you did..and in hindsight what I pulled I shouldn't have..but what I wanna know is..why the fuck would you do such a thing as flirt with me..AND ON YOUR FUCKING BIRTHDAY NONE THE FUCKING LESS!!! You of ALL ppl know about me and jamie..she's like a sister to you..well,third or fourth sister..but a sister none the fucking less..why? I'm dead and not only is your blood on my hands but mine is on yours as well..think about it..if you had never done that..all of this could've been avoided and while we may still never forgive each other for..that least I'd be alive and you would have a good birthday..
Di- i wanted you to pay for every fucking thing youve done to hurt the people around me Ace. you deserved what you got.
thechipmunkzone Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011
Ace-well you got what you wanted..I'm dead now..and I've got to shoot you in the back..I must say though it was quite the stress releaver..but my brother was right about one thing..I did create a monster in you the day you signed on with my company..while it was eventful for all of us I made a monster out of you..I turned you into what you where then..thankfully you chose to get out of that life..what I did not expect is that it would change me as be honest I wanted you and your sisters to have an eventful life..just not this way...

...oh..and he...says hi..
Di- My life is on track as it should be im deeply in love with my husband and Jade is realising she doesnt wanna be the wild Jade she is right now and shes deeply in love with Stef and well Elle is pregnant again so i think were all pretty fine.
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jeanettefan222 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
That's really good! (:
thanks! (:
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