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Happy Birthday Shon!

So it's your birthday and originally I was going to do a more spectacular and amazing gift for example singing or just a video or a month long blog dedicated to you, I don't know I had a lot of ideas for your birthday this year but evidently fate has come to play and I am without internet the days leading up to your birthday, so unfortunately you are getting this letter but there is an upside because I express my feelings better in words anyway!

Before I even knew you as it were I literally worshipped your youtube page, I was the biggest fangirl, I admired you, I looked up to you, I tried to live up to what you had made of yourself online and to be honest none of that has changed throughout the years, of course I know you far better now, I know you as a person, I know that you would consider yourself as a mix of Alvin and Theodore for example and you know I adored just staring at clubchipmunk like dreaming of being that awesome but I truly think that if I had stayed gazing on at your page that I would not be as happy as I am now to know you.

You are truly the most amazing and sweet and kind and thoughtful and altogether the complete opposite of a stereotypical guy, you never cease to amaze me on how much of a nice person you are. If i didn't know you I'm pretty sure I would be an emotional wreck because you are the most perfect person to just let loose and open up to, I would trust anything with you, I only hope you feel the same way about me and I hope you know that you can trust me like that, It's only fair to return the favour.

You can make me grin and laugh hysterically one second and then be sobbing a river the next. I think that just demonstrates how much you mean to me now, you're a big part of my life, even though its just online, you've still been my friend for like 5 or 6 years I'm not quite sure, and I don't think you are either so we will let that slip, I don't think it matters where the relationship is if it lasts that long it has to be strong and I'm sorry buddy but it's gonna have to last years to come because you're the perfect friend and I think I need you.

If you think about leaving then just think about that time when you told me you wanted to leave and I had a mini panic attack, I was a mess because I can't see what I'd do without you.

You can give up roleplaying but you can't give up talking to me, and I won't give up talking to you, deal?

You are a big brother to me, an inspiration, a husband at some points (I feel like that's one sided, I just call you a husband and try to act like your wife, I get as jealous about other people online talking to you as a wife would anyway) and you're my best friend.

The definitive best friend I feel, I don't think anyone will slate me for saying that because they know how much you mean to me, so thank you for being there for me and thank you for being you simply because you are amazing.

Love you lots,
from Miniver xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(incase you didn't realise it, you can print this off and like frame it, if you feel it's that beautiful, i tried, it's hard to put love in a letter you know? I will write you 365 next year to prove my love, like in the notebook? sounds good.)
I love you! <3
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July 31, 2012
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